Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend treated me well and brought me back to basics. Lucky to breath the fresh air, to hold hands with someone that cares about me, lucky to stare off into a clear blue sky with not a worry in the world. I felt centered getting in contact with mother nature, it was both needed and nourishing. It reminded me of what I really "Need" and it has nothing to do with pretty shoes or dresses It has everything to do with Peace of Mind, Serenity, and Love. That is all I need. 

My friend Nicola Wilson is an amazing photographer and has been working this project for a few weeks now. Theme being "Unlikely Deaths" included a model choking on peas in her first shoot. I offered my assistance for the second shoot. The experience was awesome, being a part of what I consider to be Art. "Death By Prick"was originally the name she was going for, that may change. I helped by waving my magic make-up brush a little on this :) 

Make-up may not be something I need, in fact it most definitely is NOT, but I enjoy it and it did bring me close to something I do need; watching someone I care about; completely in her element. Watching her actually create her work- Priceless. Satisfies my soul to know someone who creates her own vision to no one else's' standards but her own.   

And here is a little more of her shots :) Enjoy

All you need is Love, 

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