Friday, December 16, 2011

Esperando Gabriel

Gestation is scary, beautiful, and ugly and during the pregnancy it can be all of those feelings in one second. You have to be careful, and in my case I would 'forget' I was pregnant ie. jump onto my bed and run out of excitement pretty much up until the day my water broke. Thank the Man upstairs, that I had a healthy pregnancy. Oddly no cravings but I would do a lot of walking and I never wanted to turn into those ladies that with pregnancy cripples them from getting stuff done. Of course this caused friends and family (especially the expecting father) to be nervous watching me on the counter reaching for the can of tomato sauce on the top shelf. But I managed. On a daily basis I was cooking, cleaning, walking, I think the worst was the carpotynel syndrome that developed through the pregnancy. Physically it was not too shabby and luckily I didn't get huge until I became nine months. 

Looking back, I was a different person, Emotionally. It was the toughest time I had ever gone through, ever. Luckily I have the best of friends, I couldn't have done it without them. 

Dinner with friends Helen and I were both pregnant and didn't know. I was 3.5 weeks and she was one week behind me. Soooo exciting! 
 Lady Gaga concert March 29.About 10 weeks along! I am sure Gabriel was a dancing little peanut in there! UM-MA-ZING night! 

 Six months along, Cassie's Birthday :) Sushi, Karaoke, and Shout House. Had a blast! Yes, that's water.  

 Eight months along at Lake Murray. Nicola is an amazing photographer! 

 Wild Animal Park, yup that's me on the Hippo. Nine months along....
 Jesus and I 
And about two weeks before Gabriel was born, my 29th Birthday! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Un Niño

Holy Cow! I had a baby! Meet my little Goober! 

Gabriel Cesar born October 21, 2011 (Libra like his Mommy) 7 lbs 11oz 

This little dude and already exhibiting quite a mighty personality!

He has totally changed my life. I went from painting my nails, drinking wine, spending a little over an hour to get ready to nipple pads, clapping when changing a healthy poop diaper, and those 5 minute showers. Life is great. I wouldn't change it for one second. This is truly what I have always wanted to be his Mom. Not only do I feel blessed to have welcomed such am amazing little thing but with me the other half of this creation; a true natural, his father 

I am changing this little diary of mine and will change it to a little record of our life. Photos of him to record his growth but I am still me only now, a pretty cool Mommy. I want Gabriel to have this, he can always look back on this and see himself, his different stages, growing spurts, learning different things. Still my story only now with a pretty amazing addition. 

So stay tuned for more.... 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moscitas Muertitas

I have to fight Life for me. 

Pain has been a lingering, familiar feeling these past few weeks. Shock, followed by disappointment, a visit from Death, friends and "family" dropping like little flies. All while a little life depends on me to fight Life for me. 

Tapping out from the pain Life can bring- Currently seeking Peace. 

I have something worth fighting for. Something pure, something I have always wanted. I just have to get me back. 

My friend said: God is preparing you for a different kind of Love, Lili. A Love bigger than anything you have ever known. A love of protection and devotion, the Love of a mother. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend treated me well and brought me back to basics. Lucky to breath the fresh air, to hold hands with someone that cares about me, lucky to stare off into a clear blue sky with not a worry in the world. I felt centered getting in contact with mother nature, it was both needed and nourishing. It reminded me of what I really "Need" and it has nothing to do with pretty shoes or dresses It has everything to do with Peace of Mind, Serenity, and Love. That is all I need. 

My friend Nicola Wilson is an amazing photographer and has been working this project for a few weeks now. Theme being "Unlikely Deaths" included a model choking on peas in her first shoot. I offered my assistance for the second shoot. The experience was awesome, being a part of what I consider to be Art. "Death By Prick"was originally the name she was going for, that may change. I helped by waving my magic make-up brush a little on this :) 

Make-up may not be something I need, in fact it most definitely is NOT, but I enjoy it and it did bring me close to something I do need; watching someone I care about; completely in her element. Watching her actually create her work- Priceless. Satisfies my soul to know someone who creates her own vision to no one else's' standards but her own.   

And here is a little more of her shots :) Enjoy

All you need is Love, 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Volar Una Cometa

Sweet ain't as sweet without some Bitter...and we're back

My "new friend" told me today, "List 3 things that you would like to do with me, and I will do the same" I sat here, I thought....and I really want to go to a park and cuddle under a tree, maybe play some chess, and fly a kite. That is all I want. 

I have been on a Despicable Me marathon, I have seen the movie about 7 times int he last 72 hours. Super cute, and funny :) Oh Despicable Chanel, you had me at 3-D! Chanel 3-D Black Velvet Nail Polish scheduled to arrive at my door step on Friday. I saw it in January's Vogue and I just had to. Can't wait! 

Despicable Me, 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corazon Amarillo

I have a dear friend with the power to sway me outta my comfort zone and into a pretty pair of suede yellow pumps. I find it a good way to kick off the New Year! Yes I said yellow and yes I am UPS tracking them all the way to my front door scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to see what kind of trouble these get me into.
Steve Madden Caryssa in Yellow Suede
And I have my eye on the Purple Katrinas, by Madden. However, one impulse buy at a time.
Thanks Nic. Love your guts!

Tomorrow I get eat with my hands, refer to my server as a "wench" and get to watch some serious Jousting. Medieval Times should a lot fun. Yellow pumps not included  of course. I will save those for a more appropriate occasion. A night out on the town with my girls maybe... Uber excited for both the Jousting and the Pumps :) 

On a different note, I find myself saying this frequently especially most recently; "Follow your Heart" I tell myself I tell my friends, it is the best advice I can ever give. I know my heart knows things I may not understand but it leads my way. Always and forever :)