Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pinchi Blah

I feel like this guy right here.....BLAH!
Days like these I wish I were an ostrich.
Yummy :) 

Later Gators,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ambrienta Dormienta

My slumber, at times includes the following: 
Peanut butter
Frosted Mini wheats
Pieces of Cheese

I am awake because I usually remember LATER, after I put the evidence together ie Peanut butter jar on my night stand and peanut butter knife on the floor next to my bed.. It's like my conscious and subconscious  collide and I act upon my appetite. One time I made a quesadilla  which is scary to know I am handling major appliances in my sleep
Apparently there is cell phone footage of me raiding the fridge but I refuse to see myself.

Sometimes I have an audience and apparently I am a bit rude while sleep eating. One time my roommate tried to talk to me during this collision, and he said I was "rude". Ha. Once I ate my roommates Pita Pit, she was saving it for lunch the next day but my sleep eating got to it first. Funny thing is I have never had Pita Pit and I wish I could remember what it tasted like, I hear it's pretty good.. Anyhoot, confession for the day: I sleep eat 

I do this at other people's house too, if I happen to sleep over. Even if there are stairs involved. Confession#2 : Graple I had a slice of Pizza from your fridge the night I slept at your house. In non sleep world,  I HATE COLD PIZZA. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nube Nueve

My idea of Love; even though I have never experienced it, I know exists, with no doubt. My gut and my heart tell me it lives for me, somewhere out there. I have always known this. I know someone is craving this Love I speak of the same way I do. I will know exactly when I am there, and won't settle for anything less. Along the way there will be/has been Frogs aka Crazy Teddy Bear Boys come into play. I rely on my gut.
True Love, it's selfless, it's "loving with reckless abandon", as Nic puts it. It's natural for me to love this way I'm just trucking along until I meet my match. And when I say 'match' I mean somone that can Match what I offer. My current Nuve Nueve feeds the hope in my heart, the 'hope' that will one day be replaced with validity.
I am presently drowning in a state of Bliss. It's been a long time and I don't mind putting it in park, right about now. Feelings that involve Giddiness, Fear, Excitement, the Butterflies. There is an early, undefinable,  and natural level of comfort. The feeling is far more overpowering than disputing it's existance.Smiles on Demand, with a simple thought of a comment or gesture he made. These things shouldn't be questioned. "As conmigo lo que tu corazon mande, y yo hare lo mismo:" Sweetest words I've heard, someone that openly, thinks with their heart, I've yearned for this. Hopefully the words aren't just words. Fear takes over for a second,  and if they are and this is just a Hoax of MY heart, call me silly but I am currently enjoying every second. 

Some say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one - Sr. Lennon 

Love; My Love, 


Monday, December 13, 2010

Dientes Majicos De Bill

 El Senor Billy Corgan the only original band member on stage last night, but the show didn't feel like anything was missing.. Billy Corgan, all 6 feet 3 inches of him an amazing talent, I was left in awe. I love to hear a man scream his guts out. Next to him bass guitarist Nicole Fiorentino, she had such an elegant, feminine yet raw presence I couldn't help but either have my eyes on the The Man on stage or her. This show, considering our seats, felt ELECTRIC. It was amazing and the peak of the night was Corgan playing the National Anthem on his guitar. Not that I have this undying connection to the song but to see a man play it with HIS TEETH, well same old song with a new meaning for me.

There was no time between songs, one jumped right into another. I could see the sweat I could actually feel their expression as much as I felt the vibrations on the bottom of my feet when standing and my bum when sitting. 

My Chemical Romance was so connected with the crowd. Vocalist, Gerard Way; his energy level his deep strong eyes. The constant dancing jumping on top of his drummer's base drum made me, convincingly attracted to a skinny dude with orange hair. My friend Nic chose The Corgan.      To each Her own ;) 
We had some great seats, I don't need to hear anything AFTER the show anyways. 

If I would have known my Dr. Martin's would have served a purpose in 2010 I would have never gotten rid of them. 

Hasta La Vista,
Tiger Lili

P.S. Next big show is LADY GAGA 3/29/2011....vat to verr , vat to verr... le wheels are turning.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cuota De Rescate Para El Oso

Boy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl, gives Girl a Teddy Bear on second date. Girl realizes Boy has some ishhhh. Girl dumps Boy, politiey and Boy asks for Teddy Bear Back. 

"It means a lot to me. I thought I was giving it to you because you were going to be in my life and according to you that is not going to happen. Can I have my Bear back" 
Meet the $2 bear. 
Boy was nuttier than squirrel shit.

Girl will find a Boy, Girl will fall in Love someday. In the mean time Girl obsesses over "Dream Lover" 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lee Alexander McReina

My adoration for Fashion is definitely at it's "premature stage" but I know I can appreciate it as Art. I cherish two friends that happen to be responsible for my love for All That Is Pretty, NicKo! 

Alexander McQueen has graced us with uniquely structured dresses


Irresistibly painful shoes... to die for 

Extravagant , unconventional gowns he brought to the catwalk were all a specialty of his. It's no wonder Senorita Gaga praises his work. His bridal pieces are my absolute favorite. I would never dare spend/nor have the kind of money his work is worth, but it's always nice to dream a little dream.

I am obsessed with this Hooded Mini dress and Knuckle Duster Clutch, it has been on my wish list for quite some time. 
Alexander McQueen left us far too early. 

McQueen, porque Fìn?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pestañas Azules

Little things such as freshly coated nails and blue mascara make me feel pretty, I won't question it. Benefit's Blue Badgal is my personal choice especially the bulky although clump free, brush. The deep blue-violet color complements my/anyone's brown eyes. Who knew it's all about the blue?

Try it, Love it, Thank me later 
Speaking of lovable lashes......

Check out the lengthy lashes on this little button, my niece. I can't wait to play dress up with her. She is my favorite person to hang out with, and I even have a date with her tonight :) I'm prepared for the energetic abundance of fun we shall participate in, then a little Up Side Down show to wind it all down.
Daddy gave her the lashes but I happen to blame her silly, delicate little personality on my cousin  Keeks. A prime example of what a great woman and mother "IS".Your glance at of a First-class Super Mom right here, and nothing less. 

Con mucho amor, 

Friday, September 10, 2010

San Diegito

I fell in love with San Diego about 8 years ago. It was too easy for me...the friendly people always BBQ-ing, the vibe, it's genuine and fun. Aside from the weather that has me Oh So Spoiled, the sunsets, concerts, the food, festivals, street fairs, it truly has it's own culture and this city has me forever.  

Skyline. Take your bike, take your dog, jog it out, or have a picnic. Or all of the above :) 
I appreciate those overcast days when the sky looks like a sea of clouds. Makes me want to cuddle and make some yummy Caldo De Pollo. 

Even though I do have mixed emotions about forcing the animals to be caged, Seaworld is an amazing way to get to see and learn about them. 
 The hiking, this is one of my favorite ways to spend time with Motha Nature

The concerts! I feel the musicians that visit, enjoy San Diego just as much as their fans enjoy their music.

Birch Aquarium is the best $11 I ever spent, their Sea Dragon exhibit will blow you away.

I visit Pho at the very least once a week and Phil's BBQ, all I have to say is "Extra hand wipes please"

San Diego Zoo is the world's largest zoo AND you can get married there. I love it and could pretty much reside there, right next to the Pandas, no prawlem. 

The sunsets are my absolute favorite. Thank you camera phone, for being alright. You can see the brightest pinks and yellows while you watch the sun go into the water, all you need is a blanket. 
I love it here and this is where my heart is. Well here and my kitchen.   

Hasta Luego,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lista De Deseos De Mi Cumpleaños

My Birthday Wish List consists of "pretty things", dinner with the Gags and other luxurious I would love to indulge in however realistically, a good time with my loved ones will not only suffice but in fact tickle me pink. Not to mention a camping trip with La Familia right around that time, is definitely due. Can't wait! 

I've recently developed an infinite love for all accessories and attire which involve bows. 
They always seem to catch my eye, especially a pair of Dolce & Gabbana nude pumps with an amazing clutch to match. Again, wish list.  

I am loyal to certain make up brands that have never failed me. Urban Decay's eye liner's are the best pencils your eyes will ever meet, soft yet bold. Loving the neons, any friend of mine knows this WOULD be on my b-day list. A little more reasonable than D&G, I just may treat myself. 

Oh Gaga why won't you return my calls? I just want to do lunch with you maybe dinner...but something tells me I wouldn't be eating much. I would be too busy drowning in the "awe" that is my love for your work. Someday, perhaps we'd go to Phil's BBQ, dig in on some ribs and coleslaw, you'd be more than pleased. 

Of course I want to go Skydiving! Unfortunately priorities strike again. I can't have it all...guess I can settle for para-gliding over the ocean when we go camping. Poor me. Can someone please take out their itsy-bitsy violin? 

Nothing could make me happier than a fun relaxing time with my friends and loved ones. There are not enough Bows, Make up, or Hooded scarfs (an addition to my wish list) that could ever top pizza and beer with the amazing people in my life. Pizza must have: mushrooms, black olives, and pepperoni. Happy Birthday to Me :)