Friday, December 16, 2011

Esperando Gabriel

Gestation is scary, beautiful, and ugly and during the pregnancy it can be all of those feelings in one second. You have to be careful, and in my case I would 'forget' I was pregnant ie. jump onto my bed and run out of excitement pretty much up until the day my water broke. Thank the Man upstairs, that I had a healthy pregnancy. Oddly no cravings but I would do a lot of walking and I never wanted to turn into those ladies that with pregnancy cripples them from getting stuff done. Of course this caused friends and family (especially the expecting father) to be nervous watching me on the counter reaching for the can of tomato sauce on the top shelf. But I managed. On a daily basis I was cooking, cleaning, walking, I think the worst was the carpotynel syndrome that developed through the pregnancy. Physically it was not too shabby and luckily I didn't get huge until I became nine months. 

Looking back, I was a different person, Emotionally. It was the toughest time I had ever gone through, ever. Luckily I have the best of friends, I couldn't have done it without them. 

Dinner with friends Helen and I were both pregnant and didn't know. I was 3.5 weeks and she was one week behind me. Soooo exciting! 
 Lady Gaga concert March 29.About 10 weeks along! I am sure Gabriel was a dancing little peanut in there! UM-MA-ZING night! 

 Six months along, Cassie's Birthday :) Sushi, Karaoke, and Shout House. Had a blast! Yes, that's water.  

 Eight months along at Lake Murray. Nicola is an amazing photographer! 

 Wild Animal Park, yup that's me on the Hippo. Nine months along....
 Jesus and I 
And about two weeks before Gabriel was born, my 29th Birthday! 

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