Thursday, December 15, 2011

Un Niño

Holy Cow! I had a baby! Meet my little Goober! 

Gabriel Cesar born October 21, 2011 (Libra like his Mommy) 7 lbs 11oz 

This little dude and already exhibiting quite a mighty personality!

He has totally changed my life. I went from painting my nails, drinking wine, spending a little over an hour to get ready to nipple pads, clapping when changing a healthy poop diaper, and those 5 minute showers. Life is great. I wouldn't change it for one second. This is truly what I have always wanted to be his Mom. Not only do I feel blessed to have welcomed such am amazing little thing but with me the other half of this creation; a true natural, his father 

I am changing this little diary of mine and will change it to a little record of our life. Photos of him to record his growth but I am still me only now, a pretty cool Mommy. I want Gabriel to have this, he can always look back on this and see himself, his different stages, growing spurts, learning different things. Still my story only now with a pretty amazing addition. 

So stay tuned for more.... 

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