Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Oh My Gaga, It's been about 2 yrs now that I have my long hair. Time flies, but I am ready for change. My hair is curly which requires a lot of product, when long. When it's short I MUST apply heat by straighting it at least a little bit (otherwise call you might as well call it a fro). I have had so many different hair lengths/styles that is always boils down to "Product vs Heat" and with my hair, I feel pretty coinfidant that I can pull it off especially with Moroccan Oil on my side. Straight, curly, short, long rain or shine this unique serum serves instant absorption, quenching my hair's thirst. The Big Gulp for hair. A dime size amount goes a long way transforming frizz into shine :)

First I plan will go with a Medium cut so it won't be too drastic, I require baby steps when change visits me. I foresee this event to take place within the next 2 weeks or so.

Gradually I will get to the short 'do that I am really looking forward to. Marion Cotillard is her name, she is on the cover of Vogue for the month of August, and the one to thank for my recent relish towards the short 'do with an A-symetrical twist. Luckily I have a pretty sweet side kick who happens to be my hair stylist as well as my rommie :) She is tickled pink as I am about recent "hair choices".

Be Brave, Be Bold! It's hair it'll grow back, Promise!



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