Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been meaning to create a blog for quite some time now and today I decided to begin this project and actually commit! I follow a lot of Fashion Blogs, but always prefer to be behind the camera, or just admiring. However I still want some sort of documentation of my Life, an Internet Diary if you will. I am a 30 year old addicted to Flammin' Hot Cheetos and making people feel good. I sit on a Yoga Ball in a rather large cube, for 8 hours a day the job is "meh" but it's currently my Bread and Butter.

Today I woke up from a dream that reminded me how Good It Is To Be In Love *sighs*. The man was very attractive and I was swept off my feet. Truly the man of my dreams. He was rather manly, think of Gerard Butler. Mmmmm. After that feeling went away, I dragged it out as much as possible, and was left feeling pretty ...let's just say not the best. So my first post includes things that make me smile :) This includes EQUALITY!! Sir Butler, my adorable Niece, my kitten Meeka, and Sashimi. Oh and I can't live without music, The Smiths.

Good Day To All,


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