Friday, August 20, 2010


This week has been a doze. Luckily I started it with a Bang, which softened the blow. A little shopping ( I was on a hunt for the "perfect cardigan"), Sangria, and some Fun In The Sun quality time, with quality friends. If it wasn't for my recent trip to B-Bank I don't think I could have survived the quandaries which awaited my return.

The Storm : Black Sheep making "bad to worse" decisions, lots of tears, a 30 day notice, my "monthly bill" and to top it off "the flu". *sniff sniff*

When it rains it pours luckily I have an umbrella :) That umbrella happens to be the people I am blessed to have in my life- with their endless phone calls/emails to make sure I am feeling okay and their boundless support I would probably hide under a rock. But I am not allowed I am loved by some pretty remarkable creatures.The only commitment I chose to make for the weekend is a fresh hair cut and beach time.. I spent Thursday evening revamping my melancholy-after storm mood.with friends, wine, and Como Agua Para Chocolate; a great foreign flick. Glad to be back!

P.S. I decided for my b-day I want to jump out of a plane with some loved ones :)

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