Friday, September 10, 2010

San Diegito

I fell in love with San Diego about 8 years ago. It was too easy for me...the friendly people always BBQ-ing, the vibe, it's genuine and fun. Aside from the weather that has me Oh So Spoiled, the sunsets, concerts, the food, festivals, street fairs, it truly has it's own culture and this city has me forever.  

Skyline. Take your bike, take your dog, jog it out, or have a picnic. Or all of the above :) 
I appreciate those overcast days when the sky looks like a sea of clouds. Makes me want to cuddle and make some yummy Caldo De Pollo. 

Even though I do have mixed emotions about forcing the animals to be caged, Seaworld is an amazing way to get to see and learn about them. 
 The hiking, this is one of my favorite ways to spend time with Motha Nature

The concerts! I feel the musicians that visit, enjoy San Diego just as much as their fans enjoy their music.

Birch Aquarium is the best $11 I ever spent, their Sea Dragon exhibit will blow you away.

I visit Pho at the very least once a week and Phil's BBQ, all I have to say is "Extra hand wipes please"

San Diego Zoo is the world's largest zoo AND you can get married there. I love it and could pretty much reside there, right next to the Pandas, no prawlem. 

The sunsets are my absolute favorite. Thank you camera phone, for being alright. You can see the brightest pinks and yellows while you watch the sun go into the water, all you need is a blanket. 
I love it here and this is where my heart is. Well here and my kitchen.   

Hasta Luego,

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