Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ambrienta Dormienta

My slumber, at times includes the following: 
Peanut butter
Frosted Mini wheats
Pieces of Cheese

I am awake because I usually remember LATER, after I put the evidence together ie Peanut butter jar on my night stand and peanut butter knife on the floor next to my bed.. It's like my conscious and subconscious  collide and I act upon my appetite. One time I made a quesadilla  which is scary to know I am handling major appliances in my sleep
Apparently there is cell phone footage of me raiding the fridge but I refuse to see myself.

Sometimes I have an audience and apparently I am a bit rude while sleep eating. One time my roommate tried to talk to me during this collision, and he said I was "rude". Ha. Once I ate my roommates Pita Pit, she was saving it for lunch the next day but my sleep eating got to it first. Funny thing is I have never had Pita Pit and I wish I could remember what it tasted like, I hear it's pretty good.. Anyhoot, confession for the day: I sleep eat 

I do this at other people's house too, if I happen to sleep over. Even if there are stairs involved. Confession#2 : Graple I had a slice of Pizza from your fridge the night I slept at your house. In non sleep world,  I HATE COLD PIZZA. 

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