Friday, December 17, 2010

Nube Nueve

My idea of Love; even though I have never experienced it, I know exists, with no doubt. My gut and my heart tell me it lives for me, somewhere out there. I have always known this. I know someone is craving this Love I speak of the same way I do. I will know exactly when I am there, and won't settle for anything less. Along the way there will be/has been Frogs aka Crazy Teddy Bear Boys come into play. I rely on my gut.
True Love, it's selfless, it's "loving with reckless abandon", as Nic puts it. It's natural for me to love this way I'm just trucking along until I meet my match. And when I say 'match' I mean somone that can Match what I offer. My current Nuve Nueve feeds the hope in my heart, the 'hope' that will one day be replaced with validity.
I am presently drowning in a state of Bliss. It's been a long time and I don't mind putting it in park, right about now. Feelings that involve Giddiness, Fear, Excitement, the Butterflies. There is an early, undefinable,  and natural level of comfort. The feeling is far more overpowering than disputing it's existance.Smiles on Demand, with a simple thought of a comment or gesture he made. These things shouldn't be questioned. "As conmigo lo que tu corazon mande, y yo hare lo mismo:" Sweetest words I've heard, someone that openly, thinks with their heart, I've yearned for this. Hopefully the words aren't just words. Fear takes over for a second,  and if they are and this is just a Hoax of MY heart, call me silly but I am currently enjoying every second. 

Some say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one - Sr. Lennon 

Love; My Love, 


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