Monday, December 13, 2010

Dientes Majicos De Bill

 El Senor Billy Corgan the only original band member on stage last night, but the show didn't feel like anything was missing.. Billy Corgan, all 6 feet 3 inches of him an amazing talent, I was left in awe. I love to hear a man scream his guts out. Next to him bass guitarist Nicole Fiorentino, she had such an elegant, feminine yet raw presence I couldn't help but either have my eyes on the The Man on stage or her. This show, considering our seats, felt ELECTRIC. It was amazing and the peak of the night was Corgan playing the National Anthem on his guitar. Not that I have this undying connection to the song but to see a man play it with HIS TEETH, well same old song with a new meaning for me.

There was no time between songs, one jumped right into another. I could see the sweat I could actually feel their expression as much as I felt the vibrations on the bottom of my feet when standing and my bum when sitting. 

My Chemical Romance was so connected with the crowd. Vocalist, Gerard Way; his energy level his deep strong eyes. The constant dancing jumping on top of his drummer's base drum made me, convincingly attracted to a skinny dude with orange hair. My friend Nic chose The Corgan.      To each Her own ;) 
We had some great seats, I don't need to hear anything AFTER the show anyways. 

If I would have known my Dr. Martin's would have served a purpose in 2010 I would have never gotten rid of them. 

Hasta La Vista,
Tiger Lili

P.S. Next big show is LADY GAGA 3/29/2011....vat to verr , vat to verr... le wheels are turning.

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